About Me

My name is Jovanny Ramos, and just recently turned 26. I love to be active and stay as fit as I can while eating like pig!

I went through a pretty scary time in February, when I ‘suffered’ a cerebellar stroke due to a dissection in my right vertebral artery. Since then, I’ve been working hard to make my deficits unnoticeable and live as though nothing happened. Anybody who has experienced a neck and/or head injury knows that this isn’t easy.

I’ve always believed that everybody should strive to become a better version of themselves. So since my stroke, that has been my number one goal: “Be better today than I was yesterday.”

The very first thing I did when I got home from the hospital was get on the internet and read about other cerebellar stroke recoveries. No luck.

I want to help others who have gone through similar scenarios and share my story with everybody who will take the time to read.